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Mise-En-Place: 5 Tips That Will Instantly Improve Your Cooking

Mise-En-Place.  It sounds like a fancy, perhaps erudite phrase designed to intimidate aspiring chefs and home cooks alike; however, it is nothing of the sort.  Mise-En-Place, French for “putting in place” is an organizational technique used by professional chefs to make sure their cooking process goes smoothly.  It basically means getting everything ready to go […]


This delicious seafood stew hails from the French port city of Marseilles and represents the best of Provençal cooking: A mirepoix of onions, carrots and celery is sautéed in butter and oil, savory aromatics are added to the base along with white wine, stock and saffron and then a variety of fresh fish is gently […]

Pan Seared Lamb Loin Chops with Garlic Cream Sauce

The thing that makes this dish is the garlic cream sauce.  A fusion between Mediterranean and French flavor profiles, this dish is at the same time both tangy and mellow, sweet and savory and all-around amazing. Time – Active: 60 minutes Time – Inactive:  2-4 hours of marination for the lamb and 45 minutes to […]